Meet FuriosaAI.
The underdogs from Korea.

Igniting the AI Revolution

CEO of FuriosaAI

In 2017, our three co-founders took their shared decades of experience from AMD, Samsung, and Qualcomm and embarked on an arduous journey to reimagine AI architecture.

“Our mission is to push the frontier of AI computing for a new world of possibilities.”

Since we set out on this journey, we’ve always been the underdogs. We were told that what we’re trying to achieve is impossible, but our team kept pushing forward.

After years of hard work, we’ve proven with WARBOY that we can build an industry-leading NPU chip, and we’re excited to redefine AI development with our upcoming 2nd-gen chip.

2017Establishment of FuriosaAI
2017Seed funding with backing from Naver
2019Successful Series A fundraising
2020Launch of WARBOY silicon and software development
2021Became the first NPU player in Korea to submit MLPerf v1.1 results
2021Successful Series B fundraising
2022Partnership with Hugging Face
2022First commercial deployment
2022Commenced volume production of WARBOY
2023Won bid to supply NPUs to a public AI datacenter in Korea
2024Launch of our 2nd-gen chip in Q2

Team & Key Milestones

Established in South Korea by former AMD, Samsung, and Qualcomm engineers, FuriosaAI has now more than 100 employees, including leaders and advisors with decades of experience at Meta AI, Western Digital, Sun Microsystems, Groq, and Intel. The FuriosaAI team is located in Asia, North America, and Europe, giving the company global reach across the industry.

Where we are today

In 2022, we brought WARBOY, our first-generation vision-focused chip, to the market.

Shortly after, we partnered with Korea’s biggest messaging platform (Kakao) and Korea's largest search engine (Naver) to deploy WARBOY with their cloud services. Also, our WARBOY cards are currently being used for real-time OCR applications at an education company.

As we solidify our foothold in Korea, we’re getting ready to scale globally. Our strategic partnership with Hugging Face will optimize the top models from the Hugging Face Hub on FuriosaAI hardware. This partnership will play a key role in our deployment in the AI community worldwide.

Where we’re going

Our 2nd-gen chip is coming in Q2 2024, and it’s going to mark a significant step forward for the NPU industry.

With HBM3 integration, our 2nd-gen chip is going to be the sole alternative to Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips for powering ChatGPT-scale models.

Our 2nd-gen chip is going to unlock the next frontier of AI development. We’re so excited to work with you and build the future of AI together.

FuriosaAI map

We’re a Korean-born global company

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We were founded in Korea, where we’re establishing a strong foundation to fuel our global growth.

Here’s why our Korean roots provide a significant advantage for building this foundation:

  1. Korea’s semiconductor ecosystem: The robust semiconductor ecosystem in Korea helps startups flourish. Korea’s self-sufficient supply chain across hardware, infrastructure partners, and memory vendors provide a solid foundation for our growth.
  2. Strong tech & AI community: Korea is home to some of the most innovative tech companies in the world. We’ve partnered with the country's biggest messaging and search companies, Naver and Kakao, to help drive our global expansion.
  3. The Korean government’s dedication to AI: The Korean government has allocated over $800 million to AI chip research and development over the next five years.

Through our partnership with the publicly funded Korean AI Data Center, we recently secured a contract to deploy AI services to 75 enterprise customers.

Thanks to our Korean roots, we have all the support and expertise we need to become a global player in the NPU market.

Let’s transform ai together

We are constantly seeking talented individuals worldwide who share our mission to shape the future of AI.

FuriosaAI currently has a team of over 100 employees, including leaders and global advisors from around the world. You will collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry and have the opportunity to make history in the field of AI chips.